About Us

Nice to meet you

My real name is Steven but online I like to called myself Cheesy.  

Why I blog

The reason is simple. It’s money. Well it first it was the main reason I started this journey. After I quit my job from fast food. I decide that I would try to venture into the online to earn some money. In the six months I start. I failed at earning a single dollar. After I watch a video on YouTube I decide to try once more. So here I am, This time genuine. No trick or gimmicks. I’m not an expert on this however I’m a quick learner. I’ll share the information I learned and share a bit of myself in articles you read.

My Upcoming Goals

My upcoming goals are simple:

  • Create reliable source of information
  • Show and demonstrate case study
  • Increase my following and traffic in my website
  • Write 1000 articles