How To Set Up A Weekly Schedule – Very Simple

Schedule to plan for your week

So you got your life in a mess? Don’t know what to do tomorrow or even today. Do you feel like a drifter in your own life? Well one easy solution is to figure out what you want to do. Sound’s easy enough. Right? Well, you’re half right. If you’re like me then you struggle with trying to get into some progress in your life and you find yourself distracted with the everything day things in life such as …

Watching T.V. shows, playing video games, or even just watching YouTube videos all day for no reason just because you felt like it. Well I wasn’t always like this. Matter a fact, I was quite productive in my high school years during my 10 to 12 grade year. It was one simple thing that I had figure it out. A hint is the title. I had a plan for the week. Or if I’ve would to be more specific it would be I had a schedule that I follow everyday to a teeth. Even on Saturdays, I wouldn’t have ”free time” on any other days. However even without it, I had a purpose and I actually look forward towards the next day.

Yeah it was great however, ever since the year 2020 happen. I just fell out my schedule and was reduce to single poor college student. But I didn’t give up and I look back on my journals entries (Yes I wrote entries in a journal, It’s very helpful to get your thought out there in the open to review later in your life.) and I remember about my schedule and started to applied to my life again. However since times were different I had to apply to my new situation. So here is the secret sauce on how I got my life back on track

1. Equipment.

I know this is pretty obvious but if you don’t have the right materials for the job then it’s not going to go well. 

  • Pen and paper 
  • Phone 
  • Computer 
  • Time on your hands

2. Now to sort your life out.

In this step you’re going to use that pen and paper to write out your goals, thoughts, and ambition down. 

Why is this important? 

This is for you to have a clear idea on what you’re striving for. Before you would just go on your day without plan or purpose but now you have something to go for. As well it relieve space and stress from your mind from having that stuff in your head. After you finish with doing that, you will now have to go on start planning on your calendar. As for the tools for this, you could use the following google calendar planner, journal calendar, etc. The point is that you should have something to record your days of your activity. I use google calendar because it’s free to use and also cause I have an android. Remember I’m a broke college student here.

3. Write it down.

Use whatever thing you got and write it down. I usually start to plan and write on the first three days of the week. I write down on what I’ve planning to do those days. 

  • I write out the first three days
  • Later on the week go fix or add back plans during the week
  • Follow the plan during the week


In conclusion, having something to follow through is a lot easier than just to go on drifting on your day. Instead of having a mental strain of thinking on what to do next. You go could just have a schedule plan to have your plans to fulfilled your goals and be more productive in your week. Just follow the routine. Which would lead to my next topic. Habits and why you should build some in your life. This is just one part on building a good habit. So I’ll be back with you all next time.

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