4 Harmful Actions Impacting Your Life

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In this article I went over what are habits and how it impacts your life. Just like there are good habits. There are also bad habits as well. These actions are harmful in your life if they go unnoticed. So what are these actions that people have that goes unnoticed. Let’s go and find out

Table of contents:

1. False Ego

An Ego is what defines a person. Whatever they are docile or aggressive. Ego is what makes a person. It’s that person self of esteem. It’s your self respect. When you watch a tv. show or movie. People generally would say to a person who was acting arrogant or prideful. That they have a inflated ego. They believe they are prefect or better than someone else. 

This is usually a trait in a narcissist. They believe world revolve around them. This will cause conflict and discord in that person life. It will drive many people away from them. Destroying relationships. An example of this would be with Spider man when he gets the symbiote suit. 

Spider-Man (1994 Series)

You will need to check yourself and your actions of this false ego because it’s silent but deadly. 

2. Bad Circle

You are who are with the people you hang out with. In my free time(which is all day), I would watch videos on how successful people go to where they are at. Most of them would said that when they got to that successful position. They would go and surround themselves with like mind people. Boost themselves to success during they journey. 

How can a bad circle be harmful? 

Do people have influence in your life? Whatever you want to admin it or not. They do. When you meet someone, they have a impression on you but if you have hangout with a person. it may affect how you think and what you do. If you’re in groups of misfit, most likely you would do cause some trouble. However if you’re friends with people who want to run. Then most likely you would want to run as well. These social people you have hangout are part of your life whenever it’s good or bad. 

In order to determine if these people are good for your or bad. You will need some alone time. No social media, No contact or interaction. You need to reflect on your actions and what you have accomplish when you were in this group and what you had done so far in your life. Do they want what’s best for you? Do they care about you? Do they want to success too?

Asking yourself these questions and spending time with yourself will help meditate your thoughts and actions to look for the best course to follow

To help with this:

  • Spend alone time with yourself
  • Walk and think about your choices
  • Pick up new habit
  • Join a different group of people
  • Improve your self 

3. Negativity 

This is something I didn’t really think it exist but I would realize it does. Everyone has some form of negativity. Whatever it concerns their looks, abilities, achievements, or status in their position. It’s there lurking in back of your head. The insecurity is there in some form. It’s saps your attitude and outlook in life slowly. Draining your life drive to continue. It’s disease that’s hard to treat. 

The best way to treat this symptom would be change your lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you should do anything big. I mean you could but I would recommend to do something small and build it up from there. 

An example, I used to run in past. In high school, I decide to run in track and field and cross country. However It wasn’t a walk in a park but a run. A very long run. It took me a while(about 6 months) to love running but I hated it for the fact that I felt the slowest person running among my team mates. With every run and every race. It was challenge every time I ran. During my junior I ran a race that help prove myself that running wasn’t waste of effort. That was about year where everything change for me. 

To help combat negativity: 

  • Start new habits
  • Get small wins
  • Change your mindset
  • Appreciate the grind 
  • Enjoy the little things

This isn’t a cure but it would help with your outlook but it all depends if you want to make the change 

4. Addictions

 This is the root all of most your problems that cause your bad habits. This is like the AIDs of the HIV. It’s hard to treat and change. If you ever see a addict and wonder why they can’t break their addiction. It’s because they can’t mentally since their body needs it. The brain with the reward systems. it’s hardwire on them. You can change this though it is a process. You won’t be able to do this without help.
The solution to addiction would be:

  • A higher power
  • New Habits
  • Change of lifestyle

If you every see the 12 steps process. It mentions God. The purpose of this is to give control over to this higher power and let them help you. It helps people as well. As well getting habits to override the bad habits


The four actions that harming your life are:

  • False ago
  • Bad Circle
  • Negativity
  • Addictions

Maybe there was more to the list that I’ve forgot to mention but my list that I would look out for in my personal would be these four. If you have any suggestion that I may of overlook let me know in the comments below.

Do you anyone of you fall into one of the list or have any in your life. Let me know in the comments below

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