How To Increase Your Pinterest Traffic And Impressions 2022

how to increase your pinterest traffic and impressions 2022 by using SEO Strageties

Looking for some moves in order to increase your traffic source. Try using a Pinterest as one of them. In my article on getting massive traffic I mention Pinterest on being one of them. I didn’t go in detail however in this one, I’ll go in like microscope on this. Whatever that means. So here are some ways to get started with Pinterest.

Ok before we go in with a game plan with Pinterest. Just got to mention out on how one could use Pinterest and what it even is. Pinterest isn’t your normal social media site. No it’s more like TikTok with these pins the capture the users and guides them to the poster direction. 

The Following:

  • Promoting a product 
  • Affiliate link
  • Increase Website traffic
  • SEO Services 
  • Blogging
  • Promoting their pin designs 
  • Showing their courses 

There’s probably more that I forgot to mention but this should about be the gist of what it’s mostly use for to their online dough. On this 5 minute read, you will learn on how to make a proper SEO Pinterest post, boards and many more.With these websites that have millions daily users on it. 

How can we get a slice of that pie? 

Table of contents:

1. Make your profile

I know this one is always but first appearance count. We are going to fill out the necessary information and always create business account. This will allow you to view how much attention your page is received as well as other things.
Process To Create Business Account: 

  • Create a business account 
  • Choose name 
  • Write a description 
  • Verity your account by email link 
  • Claim your website 
  • Go to profile and fill in the blanks 

2. Use Keywords

You got to learn how to use those keywords. like how an athletic practices his stride so must we with our keywords. Based on the research that I did on. It looks like Pinterest is a SEO based algorithm. 
It’s doesn’t matter what type of work you’re doing as for blog post or YouTube video. If you’re working in a certain niche on Pinterest. You must have relative keywords in your content. Keywords are king to popping up first so we have to them. 

Places to have them would be: 

  • Profile name 
  • Profile description 
  • Group boards name 
  • Group board descriptions
  • Pins title 
  • Image alt text 
  • Pins description 
  • Hast tags 

3. Follow others in your same niche

Following others and engage with them. Collab with them in order to boost your audience with them. You can do this by saving their pins in your boards. They might see this follow you back if they like what you have. this will increase pin impression which will increase your chances to appear in the algo in Pinterest boosting up views. 

4. Upload daily 

This is most important part because being consistent is king. Pinterest rewards their users who are upload daily with their content. It will help boost your ratings to gain some new viewers. Also some of your old pins may get saved by somewhere else and blow up and then you will able to increase traffic to your page. 

5. Original Pictures.  

Using new images that you create with separate you from people who are using pictures they use from Pexels or somewhere else. Just create a new photo for your new pin and post. No matter how bad it looks like it will help with your ratings. also don’t forgot to write in keywords as in your pic alt text. As for creating images check out this article.

6. Getting more saves on Pins

Getting more saves will boost your page in Pinterest. But how to get more saves. Will you can get someone or a friend to saves your pins. You could also create multiple accounts to save your pins. But in the long you will definitely get more save Pinterest.

7. Don’t clickbait

Don’t use clickbait images or pins to drive traffic to your blog or website. you will get banned from Pinterest. Pinterest is able to detect activities like this in 2 to 3 days.

Things to avoid doing are:

  • Downloading others’ pins and saving them with your links 
  • Saving hundreds of pins a day going to the same link
  • Saving old pins in the same board again and again
  • Misleading Pins Pin Title different from the content in the link

Best way to go around it would be to save 10 to 15 pins a day leading to different parts to your website. 


So to recap what we went through:

  • Make your profile 
  • Use Keywords 
  • Follow others in the same niche 
  • Upload daily 
  • Original pictures 
  • Getting more saves in pins 
  • Don’t clickbait 

This is the very important strategies to follow but the best advice I could give is to be consistent with your work. Never stop until you make it the end goal. I don’t know where that ends but I’m sure you will know. 

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