My One Month Experience With KDP

One of my first blog post was about KDP. I wrote about on what it is and how to get started. Although looking back it’s was pretty messy post, I believe it still have good information in it. I started making online low content books on KDP. 

It was around November and now it is January. It’s been about a month with some change since then but here’s what I learned and earn doing KDP.

First is how many books that I publish in that month. I publish about 20 books. My goal was publish about 100 books publish by the end of December of 2021. I got sidetrack on that since I was focusing on writing content for my blog. Although I only got done with 1/5 of my goal. I did manage to make a lot of books that one month. 

How much money did I make? Now is the moment you all click here for. 

Drum Roll Please 


I made about 1.90 or just sold one book. It’s not much for my first try on this KDP but It’s not as bad as others have it. I check out other people’s experiences and saw that they would have about no sales in their first month or have little to nothing. So the fact that I got one book sold over at amazon with their millions of books on their site is a pretty great. 

What did I do and how I did I do it? 

Well what did I use to get started on KDP. I used Canva and Bookbolt to design my books covers and interiors. I would mostly uses Canva for book design covers but I would use Bookbolt for the format on end result when publish my book to get the right dimensions. It was simple process but man did it take a long time. The design process would last a day long for me.
First I would go and research on popular books that would be selling and see how their made their covers. 
Second would to go over keywords for my title of my book. Then for the final part, I would be to design these books covers and use Bookbolt  for their interior designs. 
After that, I would finish my book cover I would go on Bookbolt to create a book cover, copy and past there, and be finished. This process took about 30 minutes to 1 hour to finished. I would try to make about three book covers per day. As you can see that would take a lot of time and concentrate. To make it worse. I was a complete beginner at this. So it took me even longer to do this.


It was all organic traffic. However ever since I starting working on my blog. I learned a couple of ways to increase my web traffic on my page. I’m going to start to applied to it by doing this.
I would make my social media/blog sites pages for my product. I would then start to post my content there. The websites that I’m thinking of using are Tumblr and Facebook. 
I would also create a blogger site for this but It would take time so I’m going put a hold since I’m focusing on my first page here. The plan is to go little by little.

 Final Thoughts

I’m not going to lie to you. I thought I was going to make more money on this and move to The Bahamas but I did do some research and saw the result people were having and lower it down. I was growing wary about if this work was worth it and well I got my first book sale in the first week so that was great but none after wards. All I have to do is work more and post more out there. Write keywords and such. 

Is KDP worth it? 

To be frank. It’s not if you’re planning on quitting your job for it. But I did learn a couple skills on it. Like how to design things a bit better. It also led me to start my blog. So I’ll continue doing this until the next year. I don’t want to give so easy when things are just only getting started. 

I’ll see you all next time on my how my KDP account does next month.

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