Three Websites To Monetize Your Content in 2022

Do you want some money off your blogs but you don’t what platform to do so.

Today I’ve three websites where you can monetize your content today. Some of them you may of heard of and some new to you. 

Regardless if hadn’t started to monetize your blog content. You should do so using these websites first. These websites are:

These are the websites that I uses to monetize my content in beginning of my own online content. 
So without further ado, let’s go into it. 

 1. Blogger

The first one that I uses to monetize my content is Blogger. With Blogger you can create your own website and post your content without having to pay for fee.

You can buy your own custom domain name to change it to that. Blogger is a great website for those who are beginning to start posting blog posts. 

How can you make money off Blogger? 

There are two ways to make money directly. First way would be AdSense and second way would affiliate programs. So for the first way would be that you applied to google for AdSense.

This way is how most blog sites make their money from. This is a passive income that people can make if build and grow their website. However you have must fulfill a few conditions to be eligible for AdSense.  

To be Eligible for AdSense: 

  • Terms
  • Privacy 
  • Good website layout
  • No broken links 
  • Original content

After you have set up your website ready for AdSense now all you have to do is apply for it. When applying it may take some time.

The second way would be affiliate marketing. While writing your content you can mention your affiliate programs in your blogs. But that’s not the only way. You can put up ad banner to your website that’s related to your content. 

The other ways that you can money would be indirectly which would be: 

  • eBooks
  • Online Courses 
  • Selling products 

 2. Medium

Medium is a blogging platform. Like Blogger, you can repost your content here and gain an audience on their website. There are two ways to make money on their site.

First way would to get 100 followers Monetize and the second way would to refer people to buy medium memberships.

This is by far a straight forward to monetize your content. It would might take a while for you grow your page but I have a way for you grow traffic your page for free here

 3. Quora

Quora is the website where you can post and answer questions. 

How can I make money money on this website? Is it even possible? 

The answer to that is yes. In order to make some money on Quora, you’re going to need to create your own space on the platform.

There you can upload your content. On your Quora space you have to applied on Quora in order to determine on how you’re going monetize your content. 

What are the ways that you can use Quora to get money? 

Quora has three options on how you can earn money on their platform. Space subscription, Quora+ revenue sharing, ad revenue sharing. 

Space Subscription: is when you charge your members a fee in order to view your content that has premium. This is great. You can post up content like Online courses, Information, Interact with your members, collect emails 

Quora+ revenue sharing: is similar to space subscription where the members would had to pay not a fee but monthly to yearly subscription to Quora and you can get revenue from the views that your members see. 

Ad revenue sharing: Is when people view your content. This may be the best of three for people viewing your content since it won’t cost them to pay to view or watch on your space for the content. All you have to do is have a constant viewership on your page with your audience.  


In Conclusion, these are some of the website that you can use and start with for your content in the beginning and later move on to other platforms to earn more. It’s also a great way to expand to other websites to grow your audience base and expose them to your content.

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